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      Prime-Minister V.Putin's
      Reception Hall
      February 4 - March 4
      Church of Holy Trinity
      April - May
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Orthodox Miniature. Origins and Traditions
Welcome to our site!

Located in the heart of Moscow, Orthodox-Expo is a dynamic cultural enterprise consisting of several strata of Russia and Moscow’s best: curators, art critics, deans and artists. All of them are working together to create engaging, exciting and educational exhibitions focusing on past and present of Russian culture.

Our team created and organized a wide range of innovative exhibitions such as “Contemporary Icon & Traditional Crafts”, “Iconagraphic Centers of Russia”, “Orthodox Miniature. Origins and Traditions” and the compilation of them all - “World Enlightened”.

In the last few years, new-found interest in Russian art and culture has taken our team all over the world. From Kremlin to Athens, from Geneva to Toronto, from Italy to USA, our team is dedicated to bringing only the most remarkable pieces for the world to see. Our exhibitions are always endorsed and often accompanied by the members of President’s cabinet, Russia’s Ministry of Culture, His Holiness Patriarch of All Russia, and the Moscow’s Mayor.

Enjoy our website and bring your family to our exhibitions!


The Team at Orthodox-Expo

International Exhibitions of Orthodox Art International Exhibitions of Orthodox Art International Exhibitions of Orthodox Art